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+36 72 326 665
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7628 Pécs, Pécsváradi u. 12/1.

Hidro-Mobil Introduction

Dear our partner,

we thank you for taking your time to know more about us.

 The HIDRO-MOBIL Ltd. was founded on the 1st of June in 1994. It has a contract with PARKER HANNIFIN Co. from that time as a distributor.

Our main activities are planning with hydraulic- and pneumatic elements, building hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, building complete systems, repairing, and maintaining hydraulic and pneumatic machines and equipment.

Here are some examples:

seals, fittings for PARKER-ERMETO, hydraulic steel hoses, filters, pumps, control valves and other hydraulic and pneumatic elements, truck- and crane hydraulic (PARKER-VOAC), standard and special cylinders, high pressure hydraulics, hydraulic power units, special  machines, making flexible hydraulic hoses and repairing them, ,,hose-doctor" service, making a counting of particles in oil with our Portable Laser Particle Counter, filtering particles and water from oil with our Portable filtering system, trouble shooting, diagnostic, regular maintenance.

 As a profile expansion we have started to sale and service single point lubrication system from Perma, and a central lubrication system from Delimon.

 We are delighted at your further interest and we wish you successful work in which we may hopefully contribute to.

Yours Sincerely,



 Our Provided Services



PIG MAT 4 IN 1 Absorbents


PERMA Automatic Lubrication System